Deedar (1974)

Screenplay & Directed by Hassan Tariq. Produced by Rabia Hassan. Music: Nashad. Lyrics: Saifuddin Saif. Written by M. Sadiq (late). Cast: Waheed Murad, Shahid, Rani, Mumtaz, Nayyar Sultana, Darpan, Talish, Alla-ud-din, Sabiha Khanum, Sangeeta, Nannha, Saqi, Tamanna, Meena Dawood, Asifa, Chhabela. 26 (6) Weeks. 62 (2) Weeks. November 15, 1974

Motifs from the Persian classic Khusrau-o-Shireen by Nezami Ganjavi and Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet have merged so meaningfully in this modern-day parable that it can only be credited to intuition - deliberation does not go that far. With a soundtrack that can move stones to feel emotions, and performances that defined the high watermark of the careers of the ensemble cast, this is a movie to be viewed and reviewed for the seemingly endless depth of meaning in its simple but gripping story about two feuding families, unexpected love between their respective offpring and some very intriguing interplay between destiny, power and tradition. .
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