Apney Huay Paraey (1977)

Note: the name spelled above is how it appears in the movie credits as well the official booklet. It was spelled differently on the cover of the gramophone records (see image on the left).

Directed by Iqbal Akhtar. Produced by Riaz Bukhari & Muhammad Shafi. Music: M. Ashraf. Screenplay, Dialogue and Lyrics: Masroor Anwar. Story: Zahida Masroor. Cast: Mumtaz, Waheed Murad, Muhammad Ali, Sangeeta, Ghulam Mohi-ud-din, Nayyar Sultana, Qavi, Tamanna, Najma Mehboob, Nasira, Masood Akhtar, Kamal Irani, Gulnar, Agha Faraz, Maqbool, Mehbub Alam, Chakram, Aisha, Khalid Salim Mota, K. Kumar, Mirza Shahi, Tabassum. 32 (6) Weeks. December 2, 1977

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